Marketing our Babies

How much time do you spend marketing your book?

I know, I know, marketing sometimes seems like a curse word.

We work hard to write the books. Spend months editing our work so it shines. More months are spent acquiring an agent and/or publisher. Finally, our book is published and ready for the public.

Except, the public doesn’t know about our masterpiece. Bother! Now we have to market (that horrible 4-letter word with 6 letters), and spread the word. Of course, ideally, we started marketing before the book was ever published. Still, time spent marketing is NOT time spent writing, or with our families. It’s one more time-drain we must deal with.

To make matters worse, although it’s also a blessing, we now have social networking and internet marketing. Goodness, between, blogging, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and a slew of other social networking sites, we could easily spend all day networking.

Not good, one friend told me that a mutual friend was emailing every 15 minutes, to someone who had commented on her Facebook profile. The woman also complained she didn’t have time to work on her next book. Great, she was selling her first book, but the second was stalled because of marketing.

The trick, I think, is to find the happy medium. Yeah, good luck with that! My plan (if you’ve been following this blog you know how my plans change with the breeze) at the moment, is to share with you blogs that offer concrete suggestions for making the most of your marketing time.

John Locke, Amanda Hocking, Mel Odom, are marketing geniuses, we may not be able to attain their level of sales, but then again why can’t we? We can copy what they’re doing, we can take suggestions from other successful author marketers and increase our sales.

Toward that end meet Karen Baney. One of Karen’s blog posts last week suggested we could double our book sales. If not actually double, at least increase them. She used, you guessed it, social media. However, she used it smart, trying not to spend too many hours marketing.

How are you promoting your books? Do you have any tips or tricks that might help the rest of us?


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