Reading for Christmas

Today’s Tall Tales, my foray into fiction writing, will just have to be silent today while I continue on with my week of gift ideas to help keep our shopping dollars at home (wherever home might be for you.) Warning, this post is longer than usual, but I just didn’t know who to cut.

Today, how about giving the gift of reading. Books for every age reader, of every genre, and length, are available at your local bookstore, online, or directly from the author. There are books for every interest, here are just a few authors you might be interested in reading, or gifting.

For the fiction reader, especially mystery: Sharon Ervin, whose work include the Jancy Dewhurst mysteries. A series involving reporter Jancy Dewhurst who is working towards her goal of becoming an AP (associated press) journalist. In her quest to ‘get the story’ she often finds herself involved in a murder. ABSINTHE OF MALICE: A Penny Mackenzie Mystery, by Pat Browning  is a fun mystery involving reporter Penny Mackenzie. Penny is a veteran reporter, who finds herself trying to solve murder rather than just write about it.  Anne K. Albert, Jackie King are two more mystery writers to check out.

For historical fiction UNBRIDLED, by Tammy Hinton, a member of my critique group has just been released. UNBRIDLED is based on Tammy’s ancestors. The people are real, the story is fiction. Sally Jadlow did much the same thing with her book, THE LATE SOONER. Tricia Goyer writes historical stories involving the Amish community.For more historical authors check out the Historical Fiction Network.

There are so many other great writers in a vast array of genres, I don’t have room to list everyone. However, Fantastic Fiction, lists over 35,000 books. There’s bound to be something for you, or someone on your list there.

If fiction isn’t to your taste, how about a non fiction book? For the pet lover in your family, check out pet author, Amy Shojai, Were your parents part of “The Greatest Generation”? Did your father serve in WWII? Is he a mystery to you? BREAKING THE CODE, by Karen Fisher-Alaniz might be what you need.

Another genre of non-fiction is  the inspirational book. While there are fiction inspirational books, I write (so far) non fiction, that’s what we’ll focus on today. As always, feel free to share your favorite inspirational author, and/or book in the comments. In the Devoted line alone, a few of the authors are: Jen Nipps (creating), Mary Ann Kerl (economizing), Arlene Rains Graber (traveling), Deborah Bouziden (trucking), Charles Sasser,  (fishing), ,Nancy Robinson Masters (writing), Jackie King (cooking), and me (quilting).

I have so many more authors I want to tell you about, like multi-genre authors, Mel Odom, , Gloria Teague, and many others. Time and space don’t allow for every good book and author to be mentioned. Maybe some of you will mention your favorites in the comments.

You can purchase many of these books directly from the author, just email then and ask about shipping rates, or  their publisher. If a direct purchase isn’t feasible for you, check out your local independent book seller. Again, many of them have websites, so if the nearest independent store is two hours away, check out their website. The often ship within 24 hours, so you have plenty of time.

If however, a small independent store is not a possibility for you, consider an honest-to-goodness franchise store. Some of them are struggling to stay afloat, and would welcome your holiday dollars. Please avoid the “super” stores, those acre (or more) stores that carry everything under the sun, under one roof. Their book selection is meager at best. They also don’t have a system for ordering a book you want, your local store, both independent and franchise, not only have that ability, they are happy to special order a book. And yes, you probably still have time.

Happy reading and happy holidays.


5 thoughts on “Reading for Christmas

  1. Karen Fisher-Alaniz

    Thanks for recommending my book. Breaking the Code is my first published book. What an amazing experience it has been. Of course, it’s all the more amazing because I got to tell my dad’s story, which he’d kept a secret for more than 50-years! What an adventure.


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