Smish, Smish, Flatten Quilting Method

Once you make a quilt top, what do you do? You can tie the quilt, which has been one of my favorite methods. Although there are quilters and quilt experts who don’t consider a tied quilt a ‘real quilt’  because it takes more time, effort, and skill to sew the designs “quilt” the three layers together.

I’m not sure it takes more time, tying a quilt is fairly time-consuming, and is done by hand, while a ‘quilted’ quilt can be done on the machine, speeding up the process. Now hand quilting is a whole other subject, it’s in a class of its own.

I will agree it takes a little more skill, and a lot more patience and effort to add machine quilting to a quilt. Many quilters either have a long-arm machine they use, or they take their quilts out to a long arm quilter for the final quilting process.

If we don’t own a long-arm machine, and sending our quilts out isn’t an option, for whatever reason, we are left with trying to quilt on our regular home machine.Leah Day from Day Style Designs, can help. She has a great tutorial on You-Tube for quilting at home on our domestic machines. She calls it the Smish, Smish, Flatten Method. The name of her method is just plain fun, and her video shows exactly what and how it’s possible to quilt even a king size quilt on a regular home sewing machine.The Title of her video is: Quilting BIG Quilts on a Small Machine.

To date my quilting on the machine has mostly been quilt as you go, because they smaller sections of the quilt are easier to handle. I’ve tried one or two larger quilts using the “roll it up” method, with limited success and a lot of frustration. I’m looking forward to trying Leah’s method. I think I will enjoy the “quilting” part of making a quilt much more.

You will need to either pin or baste your quilt well to use this method, but you’ll probably do that regardless of the method you use. Next week I’ll share a video of an easy way to baste your quilt.

In the meantime, do you quilt on your home machine? Do you have a favorite method that makes the process enjoyable? I hope you enjoy Leah’s video, in coming weeks I’ll be adding tutorials on some of the simple things I make. Making Thursdays Tutorial Thursday. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Smish, Smish, Flatten Quilting Method

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  2. hillbillytonya

    Hello, and thank you for your kind words over on my blog! Mr. Stephen has been quite sick over the last 24 hours so he’s got be all behind, but he should have a new post out on Saturday hopefully. He is sort of a favorite around there. We will be following along your blog now, thank you!


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