Where Is The Idea Well?

Since I didn’t get my little fiction pieces written, today I’ll answer a question often asked of writers, “where do you get your ideas?”

The answer, for me anyway (I can’t speak for other writers), is everywhere. Literally, EVERYWHERE.

A conversation, something I see while people watching, hobbies, events from my life, even bits on the news often lead to an article or story idea.

Personal and family history is a fantastic source for article, story, or book ideas.  In his book, MAGIC STEPS TO WRITING SUCCESS, Charles W. Sasser,  chronicles some of the adventures he’s been on that have later found their way into his stories and articles.

Our passions are fertile ground for writing ideas. Amy Shojai is passionate about animals, which has resulted in several books, articles, and radio spots.

My passion for stories and quilts led to my book, DEVOTED TO QUILTING.

Personal experiences often make good books, stories, and articles. After the return of her grandchildren, Vivian Zabel was able to write about their abduction in STOLEN.

When all else fails ask questions. Either the tried and true journalist’s 5, Who, What, When, Where, Why and How or What If?

In my story The Most Beautiful Quilt, the questions are all answered. Who was viewing the quilt? Me. What kind of quilt was it? A patchwork of the earth. When did I see/notice it? On a plane ride, shortly after a traumatic experience. Why was it important to me? It gave me hope. How did I feel when I saw it? Comforted.

There was more to the story, but all of the questions were answered, and answering them helped write the story.

See? Ideas are everywhere, even miles above the earth in an airplane.

Where do you find some of your ideas?


2 thoughts on “Where Is The Idea Well?

  1. Kelly

    Like you, ideas come from everywhere. Song lyrics and news headlines are two of my favorites. And I don’t think it’s so much the scenario that gets us… it’s that question that plaques all writers…’What if..?’

    Miss you, Nita.

  2. tandybelt

    I get preoccupied with something, like watching people’s hands while they work, and observing closely, I think about their lives, how the hands have learned, served, worked, been hurt and kept on going. I watch how they move, and it is often in love. Hands are very good record keepers, revealing so much about the person using them.


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