Checotah Quilt Show Fun

This weekend I meandered along the highway to Checotah,a town about an hour and a half away. A small group of quilters, The Katy Depot Quilters, had a quilt show. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the depot, but trust me, it was small. They managed to have a fantastic show despite, or maybe because of their size. There were over twenty quilts made by local quilters on display, quilt appraiser, Marilyn Maddalena Withrow, there were refreshments, a bed turning, and they offered chances on a quilt (for a donation).

Here are some of the quilts that were on display:

Collection of 'chickens'

This is a collection of Chickens one of the quilters offered.

food, food, foodFood, food, food.

Strips put in  blocks, a modern quilt

A version of Ocean Waves from the mid 1800s.

Modern, fractured quilt.

Another attendee told me this is called a bull’s-eye. Looks like a great way to use scraps to me. You can’t tell in this picture, but the edges of the circles are left raw, then clipped to give a ragged look. The more it’s used, loved, and washed, the more ragged the circles become.

Not sure what this one was called, but it looks like an older quilt with the colors and pattern, although it was made this year.

All browns, yellow and gold. It’s hard to see here, but the outside border include a shiny gold giving the quilt an elegant look.

Four patches on the diagonal using three colors. Proving simple can be beautiful.

Lack of space had some quilts displayed on smaller racks. Effective use of the space available. Hope you enjoyed this snippet from the quilt show. It was a fun show from a gathering of ladies who aren’t a true quilt guild, just a group who meet twice a month to “sit and sew”. They originally met at the Katy Depot, thus their name, The Katy Depot Quilters. However, for warmth (the Depot isn’t winterized and was closed in the winter) and better lighting they moved to a different location for their sewing sessions. The show is still held at the Depot, and the ladies do a great job.


6 thoughts on “Checotah Quilt Show Fun

  1. Sharon Ervin

    I told you I was behind on my e-mails. Fast-forwarding, I had to stop and see the these quilts. Don’t know why the fascination, but a lot of us seem to enjoy this practical art more than ever. Thank you for sharing. Did you see the red and white one in the silent auction at the Methodist Church?

    Speaking of red and white, I was sorry to see OSU lose Friday night, but last night’s Sooners’ game was devastating. Who expected Iowa State and Baylor, two of our Big Twelve “Little Sisters,” to pop up and bite us? Bummer.

    1. Nita Post author

      Thanks for taking time out of your speeding day to check out the quilt pics. I think many people enjoy seeing them because they make us think of a simpler, safer time, whether we lived then or not.Yes, I saw the quilt up for auction, I saw it on the frame when the ladies were quilting it. Last I heard the bid was $175, hope it went much higher.

      Sorry about your team. It just wasn’t Oklahoma’s week. Things will get better. (That’s what I keep saying anyway.)

      Nita Beshear author/speaker/quiltmaker The Blog: Our Patchwork Lives

      My book: Devoted to Quilting Also available for Kindle,and the Nook


  2. Jacque Graham

    Enjoyed seeing the quilts. Thanks for sharing with us Nita. Know you had a great time. I had not known the name of the Ocean Waves pattern before this, so you educated me too.

    1. Nita Post author

      Jacque, the people at the show called it Ocean Waves, it was put together a little different that the others I’ve seen. That could be because this is a true Ocean Wave having been made in the 1800s and the others were more modern takes on the design. Glad to help.

    1. Nita Post author

      Glad you liked the pictures Amy. The goal is to share more of them as I attend quilt shows, and maybe I’ll show some of mine. I’m designing one involving a dog that I think you’ll love.Thanks for stopping.


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