Tall Tales Tuesday

For a little change of pace here are a couple of flash fiction pieces. There are two flash fiction groups I play with. The first are the cool Sunday night writers at AbsoluteWrite.You have to join AbsoluteWrite, no big deal. Also, the forum is password protected, but they will tell you the password once you join. It protects your writing. We log on Sunday evening for the word prompt, then write for 90 minutes on a prompt. Once it’s finished we post it in the forum, or not, your choice.

The second group, new to me, is hosted by  Madison Woods. Each Thursday evening she posts a pictorial prompt. The idea is to write a 100 word (more or less) piece, no time limit. Those stories can then be linked back on her website.

LONG LOST FRIEND (AbsoluteWrite Prompt)

Mona stared at the picture on the screen. It couldn’t be. A snapshot of her taken over 30 years ago. A picture taken by one of her high school friends at a picnic.

With shaking hands she scrolled down to read the words, “Looking for Mona Clark Ridenour.” That was it, her name, a description of her, nothing else. No reason why someone was looking for her.  Just as she started to turn away from the computer she saw it, the last line, “sometimes called Moo.”

Taking a deep breath she registered with the site and began typing, “I may know where Mona is located. Who’s looking for her?”

She wasn’t surprised to see an answer right away, she and Jenny used to think alike. “Moo, is that you? Still the practical, safety conscious Moo. Whose name are you using? Yes, it’s me, Jenny the donkey.”

Mona laughed at Jenny’s answer. As teenagers, they’d often laughed that they were two city girls, named after animals.

A smile still on her lips, she began typing, glad, after all these years to reconnect with her high school friend.

Picture Challenge

“It was a dark stormy night.”  Ten year old Kevin tried to make his voice as throaty and deep as possible.

“Sissy.” Eight year old Sarah whimpered and moved closer to her older sister.

Twelve year old Jenifer stooped down to face her eight year old sister.”It’s okay sweetie.  It’s okay. You’ve been down this path lots of time.”   She turned to her brother, “And you, stop. You knew that would scare her.”

“Ah she’s just a sissy.”

“Kevin.” Jenifer warned.

“Ok, ok.” He kicked at a rock, frozen to the ground. “ow!”

Hope you enjoyed the stories.Hopefully, every Tuesday will be for fiction. Making it Tall Tales Tuesday.

Come along and play. You can join the writers at AbsoluteWrite and Madison Woods, or you can post in the comments here, or just leave a link to your fiction. Looking forward to reading what you all write.


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