Talking to God

Recently a friend told me that it never occurred to her to pray when beginning a new endeavor. She knew about praying before a meal, or on special occasions, but not when starting a new project.

Because of previous conversations, this news came as a big surprise to me. “Really? I talk to God all the time.”

“Oh, I do too.” She said,”and I knew about praying before a meal or at a celebration or big gathering. But, I never thought about it when I started something new.”

She recently began a new venture and her preacher suggested she pray each time, before beginning work on the project.

I had trouble wrapping my mind around her words, and their meaning. What  in the world was she had been talking to God about , all those years? Should I have assumed less and told her what my discussions with God were about? 

 Maybe I did and I forgot the particulars. If she thought she had more experience or knowledge in an area, she seldom listened to me. So, maybe I did try to explain and she tuned me out, because I was young and couldn’t know that much about God and life.

As we all know, God’s timing is NOT ours. When the time was right, He got the message to her, in a way and at a time she would listen. 

For me, praying and talking to God are a way of life. Even when my world shattered, and my family was thrown into the abyss, I prayed. Now don’t get me wrong, these weren’t prayers of thanks, or even nice. Most of those ‘prayers’ were screams of why, and reminding God (like He didn’t know) how much it hurt. Still, in the depths of my heart, I knew God was with me and eventually the prayers of thanks returned.

Shannon MIlholland, on her blog, here has a great post about praying. In fact, she has a series about prayer which starts here. It’s definitely a series worth reading.


2 thoughts on “Talking to God

  1. Janet (Short) Bradburn

    Yep. Sometimes when a thing goes all wrong, I think, Oh, yeah, I guess I should have talked to God about this BEFORE it went awry. I can relate. But, you know, He’s really good at listening, even after the fact. 😀


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