Mug Hug and Rug

Last week Laura over at, Quokka Quilts started a Mug Rug Around The World Swap. Actually, we don’t swap rugs, just pictures of them. She thought it would be fun to make a rug representing our country. I had to agree,  if you haven’t been to her site go check it out and see some of the rugs already swapped. 

Since I have a scrap postage stamp patch collection growing, I thought it would be fun to make a mug rug using those patches. After all the United States is made up of a mixture. Geographically we have mountains and ocean beaches, deserts, and swamps, hills and valleys. Our people, too, are eclectic  Native Americans, and most other nationalities are represented in our people. Then of course, there are those of you who can’t tell you exactly what our heritage, we don’t know because we are so blended. 🙂  A rug of small varied patches seemed the perfect representation for us.

I used red,white, and blue, in the backing, binding and stitching for our colors.The back of the quilt is a red and white plaid (sorry, forgot to take a picture of the back), and it’s bound in blue, with a decorative stitch in white to finish.

Once the rug was finished I decided it needed a matching hug to cover the tea mug. I’d seen the idea in a magazine, although I think they called it a cup cover. Ugh, mug hug is so much more fun to say. Gathering a few more postage stamp patches I made a hug. It’s a little shorter around than intended, however, it works. Next time I’ll make it bigger.





    If you  sew, why not make yourself one of these handy mug rugs? If you don’t sew, convince someone who does that you need one. When you have one, head on over to Laura’s and post a link to it. I’m headed out right now, but this evening, or tomorrow, I’ll be posting the winner of my Halloween mug rug  and hug.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            




4 thoughts on “Mug Hug and Rug

  1. Teje

    Hello! Your mugrug is wonderful and you had a great idea to mix your scraps as your country also has so many kind of places, people etc.!
    Wishes from Greece! Teje

    1. Nita Post author

      Thank you. Some days I’m very literal and have trouble coming up with an abstract idea. However, this one just popped in my head. I may never get the postage stamp quilt made, I keep coming up with projects for the patches already sewn. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Nita Post author

      Thanks Jenn, I think I’ll be posting more of my stuff. Of course, I have to remember to take the picture before giving it away or using it. 🙂 Right now in addition to my sewing projects I’m working on one using an old book. I think of you everytime I work on it.


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