Mug Hug and Rug

When all else fails read the directions. That’s generally my attitude when it comes to anything sewing. If I’ve made an item before, or if there is a picture (even if it’s only in my mind) I plunge ahead. Sometimes this works out well for me, other times, not so much. Lucky for me, I’m not a perfectionist. Although, possibly being more of a perfectionist might not be a bad idea.

The other day I made a mug rug for a blog challenge. More about that in a later post. After the ‘rug’ was finished, a matching cup cover was needed. Some people call them cup cozies. Since they wrap around a mug, I like to call them mug hugs. Plus, it’s just fun to say, mug hug and rug. You almost have to smile when you say it.

A couple of glitches were discovered that can be rectified in future attempts. However, since I needed to make something for a give-away tomorrow, and one of the glitches was the size, I thought I’d dig out the directions, which were in an older issue of QUILTS AND MORE MAGAZINE and actually FOLLOW them. Shocking, I know.

Sholuld’ve just fixed the glitches myself and used my own pattern. Even following the directions the size was wrong. First it’s too tall for my coffee (tea) mugs. thinking it may have been meant for a taller mug, I dug out my to-go cup which is taller. It does work, almost, with that cup.

However, it’s still too short. According to the picture in the magazine, the ‘hug’ goes all the way around the mug, and even overlaps a little. Um, nope didn’t happen. There’s about an inch wide gap between the two ends. Since it connects with an elastic band, that’s not a big problem, but it would be better without the gap.

Next week I’ll design my own pattern, one that works with the mugs most of us have in our kitchen cabinets and post it here. I’d already put the camera up when I thought of the to-go cup, but here are a couple of pictures of the hug and rug on the cabinet.



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