Quilt Design?


  Are you a ‘pantser’ or a ‘planner’? That’s a question many writers are asked. Do they plan out their novel, book, article, or story and more or less follow an outline, are they planners? Or, do they just start writing and see where the story takes them, writing by the seat of their pants? If you’re a writer, which group do you fall in, or like me, do you have a foot in both styles?

The same question can be asked of quilters, and sewers (sewists?) .Some quilters take time to carefully consider and plan their quilt design. They carefully draw it out on graph paper or use a computer program to design their quilts. They then color them to see which color combinations work best. Once they have their blocks made they place them, and move them on their design wall to see which design they prefer.  These are the planners of the quilt world. They make beautiful quilts.

Then there are the others, those who might draw a design out, or simply choose an already published pattern. They might buy fabric specifically for the quilt, or use what’s on hand. They will select fabrics that go well together, or fabrics they just like. Once the blocks are finished they might place them on a design wall (or bed) to help select the best placement. Often however, they will simply start sewing blocks together, whatever happens happens. These are the ‘pantsers’ of the quilt world. They make beautiful, and sometimes interesting quilts.

Then there are those of us who are planning pantsers. We plan a little, and just sew a little.

 This one was a little planned, a little pantser.  I wanted a quilt for a baby boy, and his mom had his room done in trains. I didn’t have enough of the train fabric for a whole cloth quilt, so I scrimmaged in my stash and found coordinating material to round out the quilt. Turned out ok don’t you think?

 This one for my granddaughter was a complete ‘pantser’ quilt. I just started sewing pink strips together then sewed the blocks together, turning every other one. I’d originally planned to make it a rail fence quilt. As you can see, that idea didn’t pan out. Still, it is a nice quilt and my grand-daughter loves it.

  Totally planned this one. Grandson had asked for Buzz Lightyear quilt. Time was running out and this was the easiest way to make it. The large blocks are semi-fussy cut. The blue and red sashing matches the blue and red in the blocks.

What kind of quilter are you, a planner or a pantser?

Today’s Tip: When clipping threads on a quilt, using nail clippers will help you avoid cutting your quilt. The nail clippers also work well for sewing on the go, they will fit into your sewing kit without worry. As a bonus, you’ll have nail clippers when you reach your destination if you should need them. 🙂


One thought on “Quilt Design?

  1. Sue

    I like to plan my quilts, sorta, but I also like to use random scraps for many quilts and pull them together with sashing or centers, or a border picking up the major color scheme. Usually I don’t know what the border is going to be until I have the quilt finished.


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