Quilting Tips

Rather than sharing just one tip,in honor of national Sewing Month, today there are ten tips.

  • A magnetic pin holder also works well as a pin and needle locator. Simply scan it over the area and it will collect the them for you.
  • A scrap of  batting is a good place for stray thread. Place it near your sewing, or cutting, area, when you clip, or find a stray thread the batting will hold it until you’ve finished. Once the batting is full, gather the threads together, throw them away and reuse the batting.
  • When making  a stuffed toy the small pieces of batting can be pulled apart and used in the toy.
  • When making a pillow, or sewing a back on an applique piece, a crochet hook works well to help turn and poke out the corners without making a hole in the project.
  • Plastic zipper type bags are good for carrying handwork projects. Snip a tiny corner off so the fabric is able to breathe, and the air can be pushed out, allowing the project and bag to store as flat as possible.
  • When rounding the corners of a quilt, a plate or bowl makes a good template, the rotary cutter will follow the dish well.
  • When cutting in a circle, or needing to cut both sides of a piece of fabric, rather than moving my fabric I move to the other side of my cutting mat. Others place their mat on a Lazy Susan to make turning the mat, without disturbing the fabric, easier.
  • An old letter holder keeps my rulers handy and easy to find. 
  • A skirt hanger holds cutting mat for storage.
  • Several skirt hangers work well for hanging quilts when photographing, or displaying them.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have other tips you find helpful?


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