Quilt Blogging – Meandering Monday

Being directionally challenged can be quite an adventure, although I often find treasures while ‘lost’. Later this week I’ll tell you about the little quilt store I found while meandering around a nearby town.  However, today, I’m introducing you to some quilting bloggers. Let me just say, it’s as easy to get lost in the blogoshpere as it is in real life. It’s also much more fun, I’m not spending gas money, or out driving in the weather. 🙂


First up is, Diary of a Quilter. My friend Tracy introduced me, via internet, to  Amy. She is a quilter, wife, mom and blogger, probably not in that order. Right now she has some great pictures up of the beautiful quilts that were on display at a Garden Quilt Show. I’m not posting any of her pictures here, they are after all HER pictures. plus choosing just one or two would be too difficult.  Why don’t you pop over to her blog, then come back and leave a comment telling which was your favorite?


Next up is Nedra at Cactus Needle. She quilts and crochets (and who knows what else.) While I CAN crochet, and have in the past, I’m not a big fan of the craft. I enjoy the work others do, I just don’t want to crochet. In fact, if it can’t be done with a sewing needle and thread, (either sewing machine or hand sewing) I’m not too interested. What about you? Do you do other needle crafts?


Faith, over at Fresh Lemons has been making miniature quilts. Normally quilts aren’t my  area of interest, I prefer quilts of a usable size, either as a throw, for the kids to drag around, or as bed covering. She does more than miniature quilts, those were the ones that caught my interest. What about you? What size quilts do  you prefer to make? Why?  


Amanda Jean is the quilter, mom, wife, gardener, over at Crazy Mom Quilts. Wait. If we’re moms aren’t we predisposed to be crazy? I thought it was hereditary, we inherited our craziness from our children.  Amanda Jean, is apparently embracing that feeling. She’s also a bit of a perfectionist, which I’m finding is a common factor for many quilters, not me of course, but other quilters.  So what about you? Are you a Crazy Mom and/or a Crazy Quilter, or both?


There  you have it, a few quilters and bloggers. Are you a quilter? Do you also blog? Share your blog with us.


Since it’s still National Sewing Month, today’s tip is:


Using a dry-eraser board (mine in on my refrigerator since I cut in the kitchen) for temporary calculations when planning or piecing cutting, your quilt.


2 thoughts on “Quilt Blogging – Meandering Monday

  1. Nita Post author

    You’re welcome for the links, great blogs should be shared. 🙂 Taking the dry erase board with me, now there’s an idea. Wonder why I never thought of it? Guess that’s why I make upteen trips back to the kitchen to double check something. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.

  2. jeanmcdaniel

    Thanks for the links to the great blogs. And…I use my dry erase board to plan my quilting then bring it to the machine with me to remember what I decided to do. Just when I think I might remember, I don’t 🙂


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