Mystery Quilt

Mystery lovers plus quilters equal, mystery quilters. These adventurous quilters often participate in a block of the month, making a quilt in a year of someone else’s design. Often, they have no idea what the quilt will look like until they are six months into it. How about a mystery quilt in a day? Okay, it’s not actually a full-size bed quilt, or even a throw, but a 17″ X 44″ table runner. Still, the quilt will be a mystery in the making. Sounds fun, right?

Merry Mayhem, and Planet Patchwork will be having a mystery quilt day today, Sep. 10. Just stop by their website, every hour for new directions. The supply list was posted earlier, however, you can probably pull enough fabric from your stash to play along. It sounds like an adventure worth the time, and once we know how to make a table runner, if we enjoy the process and pattern there’s no reason we can’t make a larger version. 🙂

More information about the Mystery Quilt can be found here. I know this is late notice, but I just learned about the Mystery Quilt and wanted to share with you. If  you like the idea of a mystery day, leave me a comment and we may try the same thing here at Patchwork. Lives 🙂

Unfortunately, I will be otherwise occupied for most of the day so will be unable to participate. I’m hoping the instructions will stay online for 24 hours or so, which will give me time to make my own mystery quilt. It sounds like fun.

Pictures of quilts made during a previous Mystery Day, are available on their flickr site.

Today’s Tip: Use the same machine to do all your machine piecing, this will help keep the seam allowances consistent.


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