Quilts for Resting – Five Minute Friday

It’s time for Five Minute Friday.We write for five minutes. No worrying, no thinking, just writing.


A couple of my friends have ‘resting’ quilts. That’s not what they call them. But that’s what the quilts are, they help a person rest, relax, and recuperate. recover from an illness, whether a simple cold or something more traumatic. Many quilt groups, or individual people make ‘resting’ quilts they donated to different organizations.

My friends Shirley and PeeWee make fleece quilts they donate to the local CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) office. These quilts are given to the children under the care of CASA. The children take their quilt with them when they go to a foster home, an adoptive home, or back with their parents. It’s their tangible proof that someone cares about them. It’s God’s arms wrapping them in His love. They can rest, wrapped in the cocoon of fabric, and love.

Another friend has what she calls her ‘cozy’ quilt. It was made by her mother-in-law, and Deb treasures it. She treasures it so much she saved and stored it away for many years. Protecting it from wear and tear. She let the quilt rest, hidden away.One day she changed her mind. Today the quilt rests on her bed, a constant reminder of the love she and her mother-ion-l;aw shared. When life become overwhelming, Deb, stops, wraps herself in the quilt and rests. Letting the love of the quilt soothe her soul.


There is so much more to be said about quilts and rest, they just seem to go together. However, the five minutes are up, and that’s the deal, to wraite for just five minutes. If you want to play, just go to http://thegypsymama.com/The Gypsy Mama. (Sorry, I still can’t insert links, grrrr.)


3 thoughts on “Quilts for Resting – Five Minute Friday

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  2. Nita Post author

    Wrapped in a quilt watching a movie, reading, or just visiting with a loved one is a great way to reast and rejuvenate. Glad I could bring those memories back for you. Thanks for stopping and commenting.

  3. Beck

    I love the connection between quilts and rest. I have some wonderful ones passed down from generations or made by people I love. Some are for using and enjoying, others for displaying and remembering. Your words brought to mind rainy evenings, curled on a couch, wrapped in a blanket with hot tea and a good book or movie. Very nice!


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