Quilting Tips for Thursday

Have you ever had to turn your fabric to get it cut correctly? Picking up and turning your fabric takes time to realign for a sure, straight cut. Since I do most of my cutting on my island counter-top in the kitchen, I just walk around the island and cut from the other side. However, not everyone has that option.

One tip, found in Fons & Porter’s QUILT TIP A DAY, a perpetual calendar of quilting tips, is to use a turn table such as a Lazy Susan.  Simply place your mat on the turntable, cut the fabric along one side, turn the table and cut on the second side, repeat as necessary. Moving the mat, rather than the fabric will help keep your blocks more accurate. Of course, lacking the turntable, you can, very carefully, turn the mat so you’ll always be cutting away from yourself.

For those of us who make quilts that can be changed by moving the blocks, how do you remember which layout you’ve decided to use. If you have a large design wall where you can leave the blocks as you sew, no problem. However, for the rest of us that need our “design wall” for other purposes, how do you remember the chosen layout? One tip, which I’ve seen several times, is to take a picture of the layout, with a digital camera or phone, and use the photo as your ‘map’.

In honor of National Sewing Month here in the United States, I’ll be posting tips, most days. Do you have any quilting/sewing tips that help you with your projects? Want to share?


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