Little Miracles Count

Frustrated. Upset. Cranky. That was me yesterday when I ran out of gas, and it was all my fault.

I knew I needed gas. I’d hoped I could make it to the first small town between the highway and my house. Made it, no problem. Forgot to stop and get gas. Big problem. Car stopped about a mile later.

Now, there were people I could call for help. Except, they were mostly men, and I didn’t want to deal with the eye rolling and the lecture about adding gas when the needle was on E.  I KNEW that, I just forgot to stop. The other problem was everyone I knew was at least an hour away. I hated to have someone drive two hours (round trip) just because of my stupidity.

Nothing to do but walk back to the small town and hope they had a container I could put gas in. This is when the miracles started.

Miracle 1 – The temperature was below 100 degrees, the first time in days. I wouldn’t have heat stroke making the mile long trek.

Miracle 2 – A nursing student, Amanda, was on her way home from class and she took the chance on stopping for a stranger. 

Miracle 3 – The gas station didn’t have a container, but one of the customers had an extra one she offered us. We thanked her, filled the container with gas which was then poured in my car. Yay. Amanda and I each proceeded to our homes, in separate directions.

Miracle 4 – I’d planned for my Tuesday posts to be short interviews with either a quilter or author and I forgot to line one up for today. There was nothing to post. Wait a minute, I could post about my little miracles. Maybe other people need to be reminded of the little miracles they experience. So, here it is.  

What about you? Have you experienced or seen a little miracle lately? Did you recognize it for a miracle? Want to share?


2 thoughts on “Little Miracles Count

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  2. Pam

    Yes…I enjoyed your list of miracles. Here is one to share. A couple months ago, we received a tuition bill for our college student and it was an enormous amount (full price and very expensive). I almost had a heart attack reading the figure. I called the school for surely this is a mistake…Nope, that is the price you are expected to pay this semester! WOW! I said some prayers and started making phone calls. Long story, short as it seems that the bill I received shouldn’t have been sent out. None of the proper financial aids had been applied and the counselor was sited for her insensitivity (not only me, but others as well) … Prayer and perseverance – the Lord having the “right” people in place … tuition was affordable and darling daughter is off to school. Okay, so that is a large miracle. A small miracle … Your miracles were no small things/events. Miracles are all very noticeable … that is so we know they are happening…happening all around us. We only have to open our hearts and minds.


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