Finding Good Reads

Meet a few of my author friends. Last week, I introduced you to a few quilters and their blogs. This week it’s the author’s turns. Don’t worry, there’s a plethora of blogs in both categories, so you can look forward to more ‘introductions.’ 

First up is Amy Shojai, I first met Amy *mumble,mumble* years ago at a Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. (OWFI) conference. We connected because we both loved dogs and Amy is just plain nice. She went on to write about dogs, and cats, which is fair since she owns both. Maybe they own her? I’m not even going to try to list all of her books. Her blog however is called, Bitches, Bling and Blood. Nope, it’s not all about cats and dogs. The bitches’ part, meaning female dog, is of course, about her furry friends. The bling is, well it’s about bling and anything else that enters her pretty head. Amy is OWFI’s resident “Bling Queen”. :)The blood refers to her love of thrillers and such. Amy has something for everyone, at one time or another. 🙂

Writing strictly fiction is Terry O’dell, I met Terry through Facebook, and her books look fun. She says she writes “romance with a twist of mystery,’  too bad I’ve all but sworn off of romances for a time. However, if you like romance blended with a little suspense check out her blog. She’s currently offering a free book, with a kindlegraph to those interested. Her hope is that you will write a review for her, it’s not a requirement, just a request.

Maybe you need to laugh. Laugh loud. Laugh hard. Laugh long. In that case Amy Mullis at Mind Over Mullis ( is your girl. It’s hard to be sad when reading Amy. To sweeten the pot, Amy has joined up with several other humor writers and they post at Army of Ermas,  remember Erma Bombeck and how she made everything funny? If you aren’t old enough to remember Erma, ask your mom, or grandmom. Erma brightened all our days and these ladies do her proud as they try to follow suit. Amy doesn’t have a book out, yet, you can catch her in various papers and magazines, and of course, on the blogs.

Another humor type writer is Frank Baron at, Frank writes a little about nature and life in general, and a little about fishing in particular. All with a touch of humor. He has a book WHAT FISH DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW and he’s written for anthologies, in particular STORIES OF STRENGTH.

I apologize for the lack of hot links, wordpress or my computer, or the internet in general is NOT cooperating with me lately. Hopefully,  you’ll be able to get to the blogs.

So, there you are, four writers for you to check out this week, I hope you enjoy their blogs, and their books. Do you have any favorite author blogs to share? Yours or someone elses?


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