New Day-New Adventure


Writing a timed exercise without a timer, a new experience for me. But, since I’ve misplaced the timer, my choices were to not participate, or try timing myself a new way. Misplacing items is not a new thing for me, I do it on a regular basis. Some days that’s good, it forces me to consider new, inventive, or just plain fun ways of doing an activity. Other days it’s a pain, because I really need the misplaced item, like my car keys. Usually, it works out. I find what is needed, or learn the reason I wanted the item isn’t all that important.

Our lives are filled with new adventures eery day, whether it’s because we misplace an item, or because the universe shifted and we’re having to try something new. Some people call those challenges, and they ae. But, they are also new adventures.

First day at a new school – adventure.

First date – adventure.

First (and with luck, only) marriage – adventure.

First apartment (or house) on your own – adventure.

First child – Big adventure.

Our world is filled with firsts and they are so marvelous. Some firsts even repeat themselves.

First rays of sun coming up over the horizon – the adventure of a new day happens every day.

First flower of spring pops up promising an end to the cold harsh winter – the adventure of spring and summer, happens every year.

First snowfall of the year, where there’s snow, hinting of a new kind of fun and adventure in the near future.

Our world is full of new. Today is a new adventure.


I may have gone slightly over the five minute mark. Although, I came close the timer must be located before next Friday. Still, no editing (except for the occasional backspace to fix a typo) :). No thinking on the post for hours before actually writing it. And, no  rewriting.

It’s your turn to play. Set your timer ( or look at your clock) and write for five minutes about the word ‘new’. Tell your inner editor to hush, and just write. After you post, head on over to The Gypsy Mama, post your link, and read some of the other ‘new’ blog posts. You can also leave a link here in your comments. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the word ‘new’. Happy writing.


5 thoughts on “New Day-New Adventure

  1. Nita Post author

    Thanks Jackie, but this is a new-found consistency. Now, the trick is to keep going, on a regular basis. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by on a regular basis, it helps.

  2. Nita Post author

    Joy, Thanks for the idea, never thought of downloading a timer on the computer, and I have Write or Die, which has a timer. Silly me, didn’t thik of using it.)

  3. Joy

    Yes! I love this — new is all around us and it doesn’t have to cost anything. I hope you find your timer this week. I had the same problem so I found a timer to load on my computer. 🙂


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