Are You Listening?

“Are you listening to me? Do you hear me?” Have you ever said that to your children, your parents, or your spouse? Have they said it to you?

The answer is usually yes. “Yes,” you’ve heard or asked the question. “Yes,” you were listening, you did hear what they were saying. But were you really? Often we multi-task, half listening while we do daily chores, or make mental lists of what needs to be done.

When my son was little he’d often stop his talk to ask “are you listening to me?”

“Yes, I’m listening,” he’d be told.

No trusting us he’d follow with, “what did I say?”

Uh-oh, if we weren’t paying attention (which we weren’t, thus the question) he’d simply look at us, say, “never mind” and walk off. No amount of cajoling could get him to return and finish his story. In his little mind if we didn’t have enough time to stop and listen to him, he didn’t have the time to waste on us.

What about God? Do you listen to Him? Do you ask if He’s listening to you? I often do, and if I stop and wait for His answer, it’s always yes. Yes, God is listening to me. Of course, the opposite isn’t always true, I don’t always listen to Him. Sometimes He isn’t answering the question I want answered, or He isn’t giving me the answer I want.

Lucky for me, He isn’t like my son, He doesn’t walk away in disgust of my multi-tasking. He just keeps telling me until I slow down and listen.

After my husband’s death I quit writing, thought I’d never return to it. There was no one to share my successes (if they happened) with me, no one to console me when something flopped. Eventually the pain subsided, and my screaming temper tantrum slowed long enough for me to hear God tell me that yes, I was going to survive. There would be a life for me and yes, I would write again.

What is God telling you? I’d love to hear how you slowed down and listened to God.


10 thoughts on “Are You Listening?

  1. Jackuie King

    Nita, Just saw that you have a hot line (or whatever it’s called, I get these things mixed up) to my website. What a darling you are. Did you build this blogsite yourself? It’s fabulous.

    1. Nita Post author

      Jackie, I think you mean link? You’re more than welcome. Yes, I did the blog myself (with help from WordPress) which is why it still looks so bland. It’ll look better soon, I hope. 🙂 Glad you like it. 🙂

  2. Jackuie King

    Great blog site Nita. I really enjoyed your post. I agree with the others, and I thought that Janet phrased it really well. He speaks in a still, small voice, and we have to listen very quietly to hear. We also have to practice daily on small things in order to be ready for the big things when those happen.

    Amy, loved your post. I remember your agony with your back.
    Love to all,
    Jackie King

    1. Nita Post author

      Thanks Jackie. He may speak in a still quiet voice, but He’d be a lot easier to hear if we weren’t so busy screaming our displeasure. 🙂 Sometimes we are such babies. ~Nita

  3. Janet (Short) Bradburn

    Yep, HE listens and YES, He speaks. I think the more we get quiet, the more we hear. There are many voices clamoring for our attention and it is hard to discern His from all the others. It is an art to be cultivated. Good thoughts, Nita!

  4. Sharon Ervin

    Saying my prayers only last night, I got to thinking about the condition of our world, how it has moved since creation. Musing, I asked if God was a glass-half-full or half-empty kind of guy. It may make a difference.

  5. Nita Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Amy. Yes, God has all sorts of ways to make us stop and listen. Sorry you had to go through the back flare up. 🙂


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