Overcoming Perfectionism

How do you overcome perfectionism. How do you hush that little voice that says your work isn’t good enough, it has too many flaws, it shows your weaknesses. Everyone  has a different way of dealing with that voice. And yes, despite what your family and friends may think, that voice is, in part, your perfectionism rearing its ugly head.

In the weeks that come, I’ll be interviewing writing and quilting friends with two questions. However, today I’m answering one question, from two view points, as both a writer and a quilt maker – two questions. 🙂

How do you deal with perfectionism in your work?

Me the writer – My friends help. They help me blog, write and submit articles, they even encourage my book writing. For example, this blog has gone days, weeks maybe months without a post. I write them in my head, sometimes even on the computer, but they’re never good enough to post. Friends are my life-savers. They ask why I haven’t posted, which encourages me to post, flaws and all. In other writing my critique group is great. They help me repair grammar issues, and polish my work, suggest possible markets. Their follow-up is most valuable, asking if I’ve sent a piece out. Other writing friend offer encouragement, often when I need it most.  Nancy Robinson Masters, shoved me into writing, and submitting DEVOTED TO QUILTING. Now, thanks to her, I have a published book. 🙂

The Quilt Maker – Quilts are supposed to be near perfect, precise one-quarter inch seam allowances, perfect points, matching seams. Do my quilts look like that? No.My quilts are more whopper-jawed or wonky. I get away with it, in my own little mind, by calling my quilts, every day, functional, utility quilts. Friends, once again have come to my rescue. My quilting friends are quick to point out all the positives in my work.There are other friends who say, and are serious, “I would never have seen the mistake if you hadn’t shown me.”

The simple answer to the question from both the writer and quilter is, friends. I’m thankful for all the friends God has sent my way. Friends who keep me from being mired in the perfectionism mud. What about you? How do you hush that perfectionist voice and avoid becoming mired in its quicksand?


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