Sharing Some Quilt Blogs

Quilters are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. We may enjoy the same type of quilts, or quilting, or fabric, but even if we make the same pattern our quilts will be different. It’s the same with our blogs. Cruising around the internet checking out quilt blogs is an interesting adventure finding new people and new views.

With that in mind, here are some quilt links for your reading (and sewing pleasure.)

The Quilting Gallery – Here you  will find lists of quilt blogs sorted by countries, and in the United States further sorted by state. In addition to the quilting bloggers directory she has a map-based directory of quilters and quilt stores. She has a market where you can find supplies for your quilting needs and an international list of quilt guilds. Not to forget the quilt blog she maintains, and a weekly quilting contest. Fantastic place to spend an afternoon. 🙂

MOKA -Missouri-Oklahoma-Kansas-Arkansas – This blog is maintained by Bev Kirk, in addition to her other blogs, one of which is The B Quiltin Blog. She shares the happenings of the MOKA quilters, games, and cartoons. She’s a great lady, you’ll enjoy getting to know her through this or her other blogs.

On her blog, Craizee Corner, Sharon Pernes’ tag line says, to follow her on her adventures in quilting and cooking. Cooking? I don’t cook. Ok, I do cook, there is no take-out near me, but I don’t like cooking, and I’m not even a good cook. Ok, I’m not a good quilter either, but I love making quilts, I don’t love cooking. Sharon does, she’s an experienced chef and admits to spoiling her family with her cooking.

There you go, some quilt blogs to check out and brighten your day. Hopefully, I’ll  begin to maintain a regular posting schedule. If so, Monday will be a meandering day, no telling what will be covered, or where we’ll go.
Come along for the adventure?


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