Mystery Tour

Finding new authors we enjoy can be a challenge. For authors, finding new readers can be a challenge. Eleven mystery writers are working together to help both reader and writer with a blog tour.

They all write mysteries, and a little more.  Whether you’re a mystery fan or not, I think you’ll enjoy meeting these ladies and some of their characters. If you’re not careful, they may make a mystery fan out of you. They’ve done it before.They are:

Sharon Ervin – , Sharon generally writes mysteries, although sometimes she changes it up and writes romantic suspense, or even women’s fiction. Her blog is, simply, Sharon Ervin’s Blog

Jackie King –   Jackies has written romance novellas, a devotional book, and a mystery. You can read about all things Jackie at her blog, Cozy Mysteries and Other Madness.

Jean Henry Mead – In addition to her mystery/suspense writing Jean also writes for children, western historicals and is a photojournalist. Her blog is:  Mysterious Writers.

Vivian Zabel – Vivian is a publisher at 4RV Publishing (and it only took me a year to figure out what 4RV stood for, hint, it’s not Recreational Vehicle) as well as former teacher, poet, and author. Her blog is: Brain Cells and Bubblewrap 

Marilyn Meredith – She writes, a lot. In addition to her two series’, including the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series, she also flexes her writing muscles when a subject attracts her interest. Her blog is,Marilyn’s Musings.

Jennifer DiCamillo – Another cross-genre writer. Jennifer writes all types of mysteries, cozy, humorous, and hardboiled. Not to mention the fact she’s an award-winning poet and playwright. Her blog is, Writers Help.

Mary Martinez – Mary writes  romance and mystery, which,  leads to romantic suspense. Her blog is simply, Mary Martinez. Of course, she does invite you to site in the garden with her.

Pat Browning – A former journalist turned mystery writer, and so much more, there isn’t room to tell all about Pat and her writing. However, you can check her out at her blog, Mornings at Noon.

Marja McGraw– According to her blog, Marja writes mysteries with a little humor, a little romance, and, of course, a little murder. Check out her blog, Marja McGraw’s Blog.

Beth Anderson– Beth is a crime writer who started with romance with a corporate mystery. She quickly moved into writing mainstream mystery/thrillers. You can learn more about Beth and her books on her blog, Chicago Crimewriter  Beth Anderson  

Anne K. Albert– Anne says she writes mystery and romantic suspense stories that “chill the spine, warm the heart, and soothe the soul.” She has two blogs, the Muriel Reeves Mystery Blog, where she has a give-away going on, and her main blog, Anne K. Albert blog, where the tour is taking place. that: 

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. No worries though, when you check out these authors you’ll undoubtably meet others. Enjoy


9 thoughts on “Mystery Tour

  1. Marilyn Meredith

    Thank you so much, Nita. How nice to get the extra plug. Though all of us are addicted to writing or we wouldn’t do it, there is nothing better than getting new readers to read out books.


  2. Vivian Zabel

    Last week was also for someone who dropped, and I interviewed Linda Apple instead. I had hoped to have Steven James this week, but with someone as busy as he is, guess he couldn’t squeeze me in his schedule.

    I’ll find someone before too many days.

    1. Nita Post author

      @Vivian, I remember Linda’s interview, you did a good job and she was a good choice. Sorry I can’t offer you any names to try, but you know more mystery writers then I do anyway. Yes, I’m sure you’ll find someone, and it will be great. @Anne, you are more than welcome for the plug. I hope it helps you and the other authors. I know my readers will enjoy meeting all of you.

  3. Anne K. Albert

    Hi Nita! Thank you so much for promoting our 2011 Mystery We Write Blog Tour. How totally unexpected! It is without doubt one of those random acts of kindness that mean so very, very much.

    Thanks again, and happy reading! 🙂

  4. Beth Anderson

    Thank you, Nita! What a lovely thing to do! I hope people will check out our blogs/websites. On my website, which contains my blog, there are also several pages of lectures I’ve given at various conferences, put up on my website to help new authors. I hope some of your followers will take a look, it can’t hurt and it might help. Thank you again, this was a very nice surprise.

    1. Nita Post author

      You’re very welcome Beth. I’ve been wanting to post something for you all for awhile. It seemed something kept interuppting me. Glad it finally got finished before the tour was over. I hope my post helps some of you by helping new readers learn about you, and helps my readers, they learn about a few authors they didn’t know, blogs like yours have writing info on them, and they find more books to add to their reading list. Nice to meet you. :) ~Nita

      Nita Beshear author/speaker/quiltmaker The Blog: Our Patchwork Lives

      My book: Devoted to Quilting Also available for Kindle,and the Nook

  5. Nita Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Vivian. I’m sorry your author for this week had to cancel. Maybe you could interview one of your 4RV authors? Whatever you do, I know your readers will enjoy it. ~Nita

  6. Vivian Zabel

    Thanks for the promotion, Nita. The sad thing is the author I was to host this week dropped out, leaving me having to fill the week with something else. I’m waiting for an interview from another mystery author, but we’ll see.


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