Full Life – Five Minute Friday

Last Saturday I found Gypsy Momma and her weekly word prompt. This week I’m doing better, actually noticed her blog post today, which is good since it’s called Five Minute Friday.

Today’s word is Full.

Wow, there are so many ways to go with that. I think I’ll go with full life. Despite the minus, and the people missing, life is still full.

Full of family,  three children and their spouses. I have a friend who calls in-loves rather than in-laws. I like that and often use the term. Of course there are the six grandchildren, wonderful gifts from my children.

The loving circle then spreads out to include, a sister and niece who call just to say hi. A brother who still keeps in  touch. A brother-in-law who checks on me through my son. Numerous nieces and nephews who add joy to my life just by being in it, whether we are in contact or not.

As we continue on to the people who fill my life there are the friends, both those close geographically, and distant. Friends I know in real life and friends I’ve only met online. They all add joy, comfort, and even security to my life.

Thanks to everyone who helps fill my life with caring and understanding. There is so much more filling my life, but this is limited to five minutes, and the people who are my most important ‘life fillers.”

So what about you? Is your life full? What helps fill it? What do you need to fill it? Have a great weekend. Don’t forget you can visit gypsy momma to see what others have to say about “full.”


4 thoughts on “Full Life – Five Minute Friday

  1. Sarah H

    It’s so easy to see how life is so full when you take a moment to breath and look for the many blessings God gives…it’s so easy to just be “busy” and forget sometimes. Beautiful!

  2. Carrie

    Popping over from The Gypsy Mama.

    People really do fill up life, don’t they? I am glad you have so many great people in yours 🙂


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