Five Minute Friday

I’ve been trying to make a round peg (me) fit into a square hole (building a platform), and it doesn’t work.

One of the problems (in addition to the one discussed here) is deciding what to blog about. Quilting? Sewing? My Faith? My Family? My adventures (or lack of?) What should be on this blog.

Well duh. It’s called Patchwork for a reason, why not post a patchwork of items? Why not write about whatever my muse is considering at the moment? Why not indeed.

My friend and writing colleague, Gloria Teague writes about a variety of subjects and discussed why in an interview here.

I may eventually cover certain subjects on particular days, but don’t hold your breath. In the meantime, today let me introduce you to gypsy mama, who is among other things, a writer.

On her blog she has Five Minute Friday. She gives a word and those who participate, write about that word, in five minutes. They then post it to their blog, unedited, typos and all. I decided to play along. You can read all the rules on her blog, and don’t let the fact I’m a day late bother you. I just found her blog this morning. Ok enough. Her word today was; Loss. Here’s my five minute take:

                                      Loss – A Non Word

Loss, Of all the words I dislike, that is probably the most disliked word. I remember yelling at my daughter, “we didn’t lose him. I know where he is.” She was helping me make calls to notify friends and family of her father’s death. I haven’t improved. I didn’t “lose” him. I do know where he is, most important, I know where he isn’t. He isn’t here with me. I haven’t found the word to replace it yet, but when a person is gone from our lives, they aren’t lost. The word is also used when tangible items of loved ones, or good times are yanked from our grasp. A tornado rips through a community, uprooting homes and lives. They didn’t lose their possessions, the items were yanked from their lives. An aunt recently survived a house fire. She didn’t “lose” the mementos of her past, they were ruthlessly destroyed by the fire that raged through her home. I still haven’t found a word to replace “loss”, but I’m looking. I didn’t “lose” my husband, he is gone just the same.



2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday

  1. Nita Post author

    Thanks for stopping and reading Lynn. I hadn’t thought about that statement being raw. It makes sense though, I was (and still am to a degree) raw.


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