At the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. (OWFI) conference, earlier this month, my friend, and fellow writer Amy Shojai, helped me come up with a semi-schedule, and new name, for this blog. While the name hasn’t happened yet, I am trying out her suggestion for daily (or in my case, semi-daily) themes.

Monday is Meandering Monday, there is no telling what patch of life will be discussed on Mondays. Today, it’s Toastmasters.

It’s Toastmaster Monday, the day I attend one of my favorite meetings, Toastmasters.  Although, it’s anybody’s guess how much longer I’ll be able to make the meetings.  Someone pointed out the other day that I spend almost as much money on gas, each week, to attend the meetings as the dues are for six months. Hmmm.

Since I live in a rural area, gas cost is just a fact of life. However, I can probably reduce what is spent on gas by limiting some driving. The problem with Toastmasters is, there isn’t another club any closer to me. No matter where I go I’m going to be spending $$$ on gas.

Still looking at options. Stopping Toastmasters entirely doesn’t feel like a good option.

For those of you who don’t know, Toastmasters is an organization that helps improve speaking, organizational skills, and leadership.  Folks may join for help in one area, not realizing how much Toastmasters will help in other areas.

No, I’m still not organized, probably won’t ever be, but with the help of Toastmasters I’ve come closer. Toastmasters has made me more confident and the ability to appear outgoing. 

Make no mistake, I’d still rather sit quietly in a corner and observes others.  Except more meaningful relationships are formed when there is a give and take. Thanks to Toastmasters, I can now give.

Another, albeit selfish reason, to continue with Toastmasters is the part it plays in  both my writing and quilting.

No, attending Toastmasters meetings doesn’t make  quilts. In fact, time spent at those meetings means time not sewing. However, since beginning Toastmasters I’ve been brave enough to attend other quilt groups and I always learn from those. Also, other toastmasters will often share stories about family quilts, or ideas they’ve seen about quilts. It all helps.

While Toastmasters may not seem to fit in a Devoted to Quilting blog, as I mentioned in a previous post, the name of this blog is changing to Patchwork Life, and Toastmasters is absolutely a patch in my patchwork life.  Hopefully, the name will actually be changed soon.

What about you? Is there something in your life that may appear to be excessive to others, something that can be eliminated, but something that adds to your life? Is there something that helps you be better at whatever you do, something completely unrelated to your daily life?



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