It’s Finished

in progress

Two years ago I was approached to help a man hire someone to make a quilt. This was a perfect opportunity to partially repay this man for all he and his family have done for me. A week ago the quilt was delivered to the family that asked me about the quilt, and was presented to the Okemah Agricultural instructor/advisor, at the annual Okemah FFA Banquet. Now mind you, I didn’t spend the entire two years sewing, although there were several months planning.

First one idea, then another was rejected. The one certainty was an Ag jacket would be the center block. Several days thought went into finding the best way to accomplish this. Final solution? The Jacket had to be cut. Oh. My. Cut? Yes, there was no other way. It took several days, but it was a necessity to make the quilt, so the jacket was cut.  The end result was worth the sweaty palms.

Once  the jacket was cut, and sewn to the center panel, it was time to work on the rest of the quilt.  Since the quilt was intended to include photos, the important thing was to decide which photo went where. With a friend’s help, an arrangement was decided on. Next the pictures were sewn into log cabin blocks. The blocks were then sewn togethAdd an Imageer into panels, and the panels attached to the quilt.

Whew! Once the top was completed it was off to George at Prairie Notions Fabric Shop to be quilted. The end result was beautiful. The Ag teacher was speechless when his students presented it to him. While he loves his quilt for many reasons, there is an added level to the quilt he may not be know about.

The quilt was presented to an Agricultural teacher, who is also the son of an Agricultural teacher.  It was presented by Agricultural students. It was made by a wife of a former Agricultural teacher, and the mother of a current Agricultural teacher. The quilt is an Ag quilt through and through. It was truly, a family affair.


3 thoughts on “It’s Finished

  1. Nita Post author

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by. Sarah, I must admit, when he approached me 2 years ago about the quilt I was afraid he was giving me too much time. While I probably could have finished it sooner, it worked out well this way. You could probably finish a project over an extended period of time, it all depends on who’s asking, and the reason. Glad you enjoyed the effort.

  2. Sarah Lewis

    What a gorgeous tribute! I definitely lack the patience to work on anything for two years, even in non-active time, but I really admire your commitment, especially given the fantastic results!

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