No Sunday Sewing

I don’t sew on Sunday, do you?

It’s not actually a conscious effort to not sew, I just usually don’t. I once read the saying, “every stitch taken on Sunday must be picked out before entering the pearly gates.” While that may have been the reason many quilters and seamstresses in other generations didn’t sew on Sunday, it wasn’t mine.

I don’t know exactly why I don’t sew on Sunday. Yes, Sunday is God’s day, a day for spending with Him. However, laundry, cooking, housework, and animal care all is done on Sunday, why not sew on Sunday?

True, any housework or laundry done on Sunday was and is minimal at best. My cooking is questionable any day of the week and caring for the animals is a must do. Pretty sure God would not appreciate letting animals starve. So, if I do all of that on Sunday, why not sew?

For me sewing is often time spent with God. As the sewing machine hums, or I feel the smoothness of the fabric between my fingers, peace and contentment fill me. So, why would I not want that on Sunday?

In the past, when my children were small, even when they weren’t so small, but still at home, sewing took me away from them.

Back then cooking meant feeding my family. If my children were lucky, their dad cooked, although that was generally a rare occurrence. Still, if I was the cook, I was still available to the family. They could play, or spend time in the kitchen while the food was cooking, they could ask questions, or tell me vital information. Once the food was cooked and ready, we sat as a family and ate. Mealtime was family time and cooking allowed us that time. Sewing did not lead to family time.

Housework, for me, is best kept at a minimum. When the children were home, we were often gone on Friday and Saturday for livestock shows. Sunday’s we did laundry and straightened the house for the next week. It was a family activity.

Laundry took little family time. Throw a load in the washer, go back to doing something else. Drying the clothes meant throwing them in the dryer, again little time spent, or watching the kids outside while making use of the solar dryer (clothes line). Once the clothes were dry, the children often helped fold and put them away, more family time.

Today, the children are grown, gone with families of their own. Since I prefer not being at this house too many days in a row, I’m often gone on Friday and/or Saturday, not to mention several other days of the week. Sometimes I save Sunday for visiting with my sons who have busy lives of their own and are often only available on Sunday.

Still, if I’m not resting from a week of running, if I’m not visiting with my children, I’m still not sewing. I just don’t sew on Sunday. How about you? Do you sew on Sunday?


One thought on “No Sunday Sewing

  1. jenyjenny

    I also don’t sew on Sunday, although I want to; but I don’t feel good about it if I try to sneak in some sewing. Coincidence because our talks at church yesterday were about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and what is considered to be breaking the Sabbath. There was a lady in the congregation busily knitting during the service–and me thinking, I couldn’t do that either!


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