From Florida to Alaska

After visiting with SEW Butterfly last month it was time to move on to my next stop, Dilly-Dally  Days in Alaska. Alaska, what was I thinking? From sunny, warm, highly populated Florida to frigid, cold, sparsely populated Alaska?

I know, I thought if I’m going to Alaska better to go virtually than  to actually go. 

Another advantage of visiting Alaska virtually rather than in reality is that I did get to meet and visit with Mrs. Dilly Dally. What are the chances I’d run into her in real life?

In addition to the name of her blog, Dilly-Dally Days, I liked  her invitation for all dilly dallyers to join her, and her definition of dilly dallying. I must say, I like her definition better than the one I grew up with. I’m going with hers.

Mrs. Dilly Dally says:

        “A dilly dallyer works on what feels good at the moment. Begins new projects on a whim. Only completes projects when there’s an urge. Continuously adds to the fabric,yarn,kit, pattern, and/or magazine collection. Encourages and recruits others to adopt the principle of Dilly Dallying. Feels no guilt when dilly dallying.”

Mrs. Dilly Dally says if a you practice just one of these ideas you are well on your way to becoming a bona-fide Dilly Dallyer.

Let me just say two things, first I must be a certified Dilly Dallyer, and second, I like her definitions much better than the ones I grew up believing.

 Working on a project on a whim? Ha! My grandmother always said I was dilly dallying when I wasn’t working on anything, and generally was meandering along slowing her progress.  Of course, I was working on something. It may have been how the butterfly was flitting from flower to flower, or the way the a rock glistened in the sunlight even when dry. Nope, I like the definition of working on what feels good at the moment, even if that “work” is mostly thinking.

Beginning  new projects on a whim? I was taught there was no work involved in dilly dallying and it must be avoided. Of course, that was a lesson I didn’t learn well, and I like the idea that I’m a dilly dallyer because I do begin projects, even if they are on a whim.

Completed projects when there’s an urge? Hmmm, I think my family called that procrastination, and yes totally guilty here.

Constantly adding to stash of whatever? Again, guilty, and I don’t think that particular trait had an explanation in my family. Except maybe being a pack rat. Eww, dilly dallyer sounds much better.

Encourage or recruit others to adopt the principle of Dilly Dallying? That’s one I  don’t think I’ve tried. Yet.

Feel no guilt when Dilly Dallying?  Well, not anymore. Thank you Mrs. Dilly Dally for a fun visit and great definition.

Go check out her blog and see what she’s dilly dallying over now. Careful though, she might convert you to being a Dilly Dallyer.  The weather’s not bad either. 🙂


One thought on “From Florida to Alaska

  1. Mrs. DillyDally

    Thank you for your kind words and support. Blogging has been a blessing in how it connects us with others…I’m so happy you found me in blogland. And I’m thrilled that you’ve embraced the dillydally lifestyle!


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