A Quilting Holiday Season Begins

Ok,  I know the holiday season actually began last month. But, in my mind, we started the Holiday season yeasterday, December 1. Which means we are all busy decorating our homes, ourselves, our friends’ mailboxes (with Christmas cards) and  our kitchens (with the smells of baking). We are busy making, buying, and wrapping gifts.  Some of us are busy posting holiday cheer in our blogs. That is where I’m terribly behind, but hopefully will catch up this week.

First off last month I had a fun, adventure going on my first ever virtual  book tour. Yes, I have stories to tell, which I will in the coming days. Sorry, no vacation pictures to share. I know, sad isn’t it? But, a virtual tour did not put me physically in the towns I visited so I couldn’t photograph them. However, as I write this I’m hit with a brilliant idea, which means next tour will include photos. Yay!

Also, on the blog tour I offered two books from the Darcy Ashton collection. Although, not too many people wrote comments for the drawing, a few did and I’ll be drawing the name this afternoon and posting the winner tomorrow.

Something new I’m trying this month is to dedicate one day a week to books, or writing. I am after all an author too. This week I’m part of a virtual tour for fellow Oklahoma author, and friend, Vivian Zabel with her book, STOLEN.  Her first stop on the blog tour, yesterday, was at the blog of Arkansas author Velda Brotherton.  You can see what Velda had to say, and get a small glimpse into the book at Velda’s blog.

Next up will be an inspirational post. It is the Christmas season after all, why not post an inspirational blog? Haven’t decided what that will be yet, stay tuned.

And finally there is the quilting. title of the blog (and my book) is after all DEVOTED TO QUILTING. Since I’ve been visiting some quilting blogs, both on my tour and just because, I have some ideas of different types of quilting posts to write. Posts about actual quilting, possibly what I’m working on or have finished (ha!).

However, the quilting stories will stay,  I like them and they are fun to share. Plus, the publisher wants another volume (DEVOTED TO QUILTING Vo. 2) Yikes! That means not only am I looking for quilting stories to post here, I’m looking for stories to add to the next book. If you have a quilt story you’re willing to share, please let me know. I don’t have to use your name if you’d rather not, and if you can just give me the basics of the story I can write it up for  you.

There it is, the hopeful plan for this blog this month, some vacation stories, a winner announcement, inspirational stories, quilting projects or ideas, and quilting stories. Whew! Sounds like a lot. Since having directions of some type make sewing a quilt top easier,  I’m hoping this “guide” will keep me on track and posting.


One thought on “A Quilting Holiday Season Begins

  1. Pam

    Hi Nita!
    Thanks very much. The Darcy books are quite lovely; kitties, horses! lol…I look forward to the book you choose. I did send you an email and also signed up to receive your journal entries. I thought I had before…hmmmm. Anyhoo, I agree with you that the Christmas season began on December 1st! Yay!
    Hope your season is a lovely one.



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