Quilting Junket

This week five generous, talented quilter/bloggers have agreed to let me visit their blogs.  They were chosen because they live in places I probably won’t be visiting anytime in the near future. Probably the best way would have been to check for blogs that have a huge following, but I’m not known for doing something the “prescribed” way.  These blogs all have a personal feel to them, and the owners were more than nice. The schedule, as it stands now is:

Wednesday, Nov. 3 – SEW Butterfly

Thursday, Nov. 4 – Susan’s Quilts

Friday, Nov. 5 – Why Knot Quilt?

Saturday, Nov. 6 – Tall House Quilts

Sunday,  Nov. 7 – Dilly Dally Days

Today, it’s nice to be in warm Florida. I’m just going to keep reminding myself all day that’s where I am. The weather is expected to warm up here in Oklahoma later today, but this morning the temps are hovering in the 30’s and 40’s. Not beach weather for sure.

However, while visiting SEW Butterfly, I’m not sure there will be much time for lounging on the beach. Today is Junk Love Wednesday for my host. True, she usually posts her finds on Wednesday, but as she is a good hostess, I’m sure she will take me to some of her favorite junk finding spots.

You may wonder why anyone, much less a quilter would go looking for junk?  Well, there is often some great stuff for quilters to be found in these junk haunts.

Not long ago Stacy found some great books while rummaging through her junk locations. Books for quilting or about quilting, books for other crafts, all types of cool books of interest to quilters. When you visit her site scroll down and see some of the books she’s found. You may even decide to go on your own junk junkets.

After checking out the books available, SEW Butterfly and I will venture into other parts of the junk stores, looking for other finds.

Items like the vintage sewing machine she found on one excursion. How cool was that? Then there are the clothes that will be refashioned into other clothing or quilts. And if we’re real lucky we will find a vintage quilt, like the one she found back in August. Check it out here.

Sometimes her husband joins her on her junking junkets, making it a family affair. He’s even been known to find useful items. Like the time he found a set of dinning room chairs for her. How handy was that?

I’ve had a fun time visiting here in Florida and going on a junket with my generous hostess, SEW Butterfly.  Tomorrow I’ll be in Hawaii, with Susan’s Quilts. More warm weather, sandy beaches and fun people. Hope to see you there.


One thought on “Quilting Junket

  1. Frank

    Sounds like a pleasant time, Nita. Hope the rest of the visits were equally so.

    I’m constantly on the lookout for “good” junk at yard sales, flea markets and antique shops. (And my cluttered house reflects my “success” in finding it.) 😉


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