When Quilter and Writer Meets

Meeting and visiting with readers is one of the perks of writing, publishing, and selling a book. Attending festivals, book signings, and other venues introduce me (and other authors) to a variety of people we’d otherwise not have a chance to meet. Attending quilt shows, classes and guilds offer the same opportunity, to meet more people.

Last week I attended the Kiamichi Quilt Show, sponsored by the McAlester Quilters. First of all they had a fantastic show and filled the gymnasium with quilts. Hand and machine quilted, pieced, whole cloth, and appliqued, small wall hanging and large bed sized, beautiful art, heartwarming heirloom, and practical quilts were all on display.

The quilters ranged in age from about four, to over eighty. Although the youngest ones probably didn’t actually sew, they were being exposed to the beauty of quilts and they all knew not to touch them. A couple of children had gloves on, to allow them the opportunity to touch without being in trouble.  Some of the older guests would comment on this quilt or that one, indicating they’d made a similar quilt, or two.

Visiting with readers is one of the best parts of promoting a book. However, travel takes time and gas. While I will continue to visit as many places and people as possible within driving distance. Like this Saturday, I’ll be at Tahlequah Oklahoma attending their literacy book festival. I’m looking forward to meeting the people who attend, few of whom will be quilters. Doesn’t matter if they quilt or not, they will have an interest in reading and promoting reading. They will be fun people to meet and talk to.

After the book festival, I’ll be traveling via internet. Five quilting bloggers have agreed to host me on their blogs next month. It should be a lot of fun as I meet people from different areas. While blog readers come from all over the place, the bloggers hosting me will be from areas I probably won’t be visiting any time soon.

I’ll be visiting Stacy in Florida at her blog, S.E.W Butterfly, Wendy in Montana at Why Knot? , Susan in Hawaii at  Susan’s Quilts,    Tall House Quilts in Idaho, and finally to Alaska where I will visit the Dilly-Dally Days blog.

I hope you will visit the blogs both before and during the tour. These quilting ladies all have something different to share, you may find a new blog to stop at on a regular basis. For the blog tour print versions of the book will available with free shipping.  And, just in time the book will also be available electronically for The Nook, it is already available for the  Kindle.

Hope to see you soon. If you’re close enough, come on out to Tahlequah, the leaves are turning, and the and the scenery is beautiful. If that distance is too far, check out one or all of the blogs on the tour.


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