George Price, Quilter-Teacher

He makes a quilt complete.

I first met him eight years ago. He had just joined the ranks of male quilters. While browsing the  shelves with fabric of his wife’s store, ok, and purchasing.

I was drawn to the hum of the long arm quilting machine tucked in the back corner of the store. A MAN was operating the machine.

That man was George Price, of  Prairie Notions Quilt and Fabric Shop, located in Allen OK. Quilts and quilting are a family affair for the Price family. Wife Pam owns and operates the fabric store while George does the quilting. Children and grandchildren help out when and where needed.  Except for quilting, George does the quilting.

He took a short break from stitching, that day to answer my many questions about the machine and the processes. He’s usually willing to take time to answer my questions, or the questions of other customers.

Since that first day I have watched as he quilted hundreds of quilts. In face,  since he began he’s quilted over 1800 quilts I’ve seen quilts quilted by him at shows.  I’ve seen some of  his quilts win prizes. Mostly, I enjoy knowing the man, and watching him work.

He takes the time to talk to his customers to determine what they want, their vision for the quilt. Sometimes he offers suggestions. Like the time I took him a log cabin quilt, with less than precision seams. Following the seams wouldn’t work, I just knew I wanted it quilted. He offered a solution, that I accepted. When the quilt was completed and ready for me, I loved it. Other times, someone will suggest a thread color for the quilting. He will offer an alternative. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the quilter loves the final outcome when following his suggestion.

He has few rules.

He will not stitch over the handwork of the quilt maker.

If the quilt has embroidery or applique he stitches around that.

If a fabric has a picture, he doesn’t stitch over the picture.

He  wants nothing to detract from the beauty of the quilt. He believes the quilt maker’s work is what is important, the quilting should only enhance, not detract or be a focal point.

He takes time for his customers, and is still answering my questions, teaching me and others about long arm quilting.

If you know a man who quilts, whether he pieces, appliques, or finishes one off with his quilting, take time to watch him work and visit with him. You’ll enjoy it.

Do you know a male quilter? Want to share him with the rest of us? Leave me a comment.

Until next time. Quilted blessings to all.


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