Scrap Quilt Tip

crazy quilt

Do you love scrap quilts? I mean the real ones, the ones made from actual scraps of other projects? I have to admit, those are my first love,  using something left-over and making something new and useful. Now, mind you, I’m only fond of this in quilting. I eat food left from a previous meal, but I usually just heat and eat. I don’t bother to try to make something new and exciting from the left-over food.

Fabric, now that’s a different story. I love using scraps. Although I haven’t tried a true crazy quilt yet, I do enjoy using scraps to make a quilt. Which means, the picture above is NOT one of my quilts, but one I saw at a quilt show.   The picture is encouraging me to make a crazy quilt. Goodness knows I have enough scraps.

When I do make that crazy quilt I will try using nylon net or tulle as the foundation piece rather than the traditional woven fabric.  I liked this tip as soon as I read it, and think it will make sewing a crazy quilt easier. I found the tip in my Fons & Porter “Quilt Tip A Day” perpetual calendar.

I love this calendar, it has great tips and can be used for two or three years, maybe more.  Also, it makes a great gift any time of year since it’s perpetual the quilter can go to the current month and day and simply start at the beginning at the end of the year. I’ve only had mine for eighteen months, and love re-reading some of the tips.

If you make a crazy quilt, try using the netting or tulle and let us know how it works for you. Do you have any other secrets for creating a crazy quilt? I need all the help I can get when I actually start the quilt.


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