Low Cost Leather Thimbles

From the fabrics we select to the tools we use, quilters have a long history or using what is available.

One tool many quilters swear by is the leather thimble. If you need, or want to try using, a leather thimble you can make yourself inexpensive leather thimbles, several at a time in fact.

Cutting the finger tips off of old leather gloves will give you several leather thimbles, and you can wear more than one at a time if you so desire. No need to cut up your good leather gloves or purchase new ones to use as thimbles either, simply cut the good tips off a pair of old gloves, no longer usable, or purchase an old pair at a yard sale, thrift store, or other outlet selling used items.

Leather thimbles acquired this way can be made as long as needed, whether you want one that fits past the second knuckle or one that barely reaches the first knuckle, the choice is yours.  In fact, you can have several in both sizes.

The leather thimbles can be  used to protect your index finger when pressing a seams or even a block. With the thimble on your finger you can hold your fabric in the correct position without worrying about the heat of the iron. It can also be used as quilting, one on each hand. One thimble can be used to help push the needle through the fabric, while the thimble on the other hand can protect the finger that feels for the needle coming through the back. The leather thimble also often helps pull the needle through the fabrics.

Thimbles cut from gloves will give you a slight variation in sizes, allowing you to have a choice for those days you may experience any swelling, or days when your fingers just feel “thick”.

If the finger-tip thimble tends to fall off your fingers you can dab your finger with glue from a glues tick to help adhere the thimble to your finger. Also, wetting the thimble and allowing it to dry on your finger may help size it to your finger.

What’s your favorite thimble? Share with us.

The pretty quilt at the top of this post  is a wall-hanging. It was available as a kit, I’m not sure it still it. I saw it at one of the many quilt shows I visited an thought I’d share it. It was actually hanging flat, it just looks like it’s not.


2 thoughts on “Low Cost Leather Thimbles

    1. Nita Beshear Post author

      Linda, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad the pattern reminded you of something you’d like to sew. I’m sorry I didn’t write down which vendor had the pattern, hopefully you can purchase it from your local quilt store, or online. Good luck. Post a picture on your blog when you finish it, I’d love to see it. ~Nita


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