Grandmothers and Quilts

Grandmothers are special people in their own right. Grandmothers who quilt add another dimension. We often are happy for many grandchildren becasuse it gives us more opportunity for quilt making, and a place for those quilts to go once we finish them.

Our quilts, like all quilts, are like quilters, they  come in many sizes, shapes and styles. There is no one description of a quilter, and there isn’t one type of quilt. The stories behind each quilt are just as varied as the quilts themselves.

While my favorite quilt is a bed ( crib, toddler, twin, queen,  king) or lap size cover,  and made with scrap or left over fabric, I love looking at all quilts regardless of the size or type. I especially enjoy looking at the artistic ones designed and created for display only.  They leave me in awe of the quilter’s artistry and talent. And just as functional quilts have a story, so do the artistic one. The stories are always  interesting and varied whether it’s an artistic quilt or a functional one.

Quilt shows are a great way to see an assortment of quilts. Quilts in all sizes, and types. The Murray County Quilt show last weekend was a perfect example of this.  This was the first quilt show for these ladies, and they did an outstanding job with quilts from every venue on display.

The quilt  you see at the top of this post is just one of the quilts on display.  It looks artistic, and for display only, yet it is bed size and could be used if so desired. Placing it on a bed in place of a bedspread is  one way of displaying it. It is artistic in design and with the use of satin bows, and lace trim.  The fabric was all pre-used making it a scrap quilt. It is artistic because all of the fabric came from a young lady’s baby clothes. It is an heirloom because it was made for the young lady when she graduated from high school, by her grandmother.

The grandmother started with Hearts Desire pattern, then she altered it to fit her fabric pieces, and her mental design. The result is beautiful and meaningful.  A true treasure for the granddaughter.

Are you a grandmother that’s made a quilt (or more) for a grandchild? Share your story. Maybe you’re the grandchild that benefited from a grandmother’s love of quilting. What is your favorite quilt?


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