Murray County 4H Students Provide Dinning Experience

The Murray County Quilt show in Sulphur OK is like most quilt shows, quilts, vendors with interesting and fun items and fabrics plus a willingess to share their knowledge, drawings for prizes, and food.

Ohh yes, the food. Murray county wins the prize for food, at least for me and the few shows I’ve attended.  The food was delicious, and plentiful, they didn’t skimp on portions. The presentation and ambiance added to the pleasurable experience.

dinning table at quilt show

The food was served in a separate room, not just a partitioned off section of the show room. I suspect this had more to do with the facilities available than anything else. Still, the fact that a separate room could be used made the students’ efforts more noticeable.  There were six to eight places at each table, allowing groups to sit together and not be crowded, or new friends could bond over a meal. The tables were covered with white table clothes.  A vase of cut flowers were the centerpiece on each table. In addition there were clear photo frames with the menu, and a small glass bowl for sweeteners also graced each table. Doesn’t the table look nice? The dress forms were fitted with nice dresses to add to the atmosphere.

The place settings were a simple quality napkin and fork. Once the student seated the guests we were asked our beverage preference. We had a choice of regular tea, peach tea, raspberry tea, or water. Although, I’ve been caffeine free for several months, I went with the regular tea, my friend  chose raspberry tea and enjoyed it as well.

our menu

Once we had our beverages, we placed our order with the student who quickly returned with a plate filled with our selection.  Sorry, I didn’t think to take a photo of the food before we devoured it. There were two desserts available, both a delicious as the meal itself. In fact, the desserts made a good snack for later in the day.

The students provided an enjoyable dinning experience for all who entered the Tea Room. An experience one doesn’t expect to find at a quilt show. Great job kids.

I guess it just shows you never know what to expect at a quilt show. Your next visit, you may experience an exquisite dinning experience.

What’s the best food you’ve had at a quilt show, or any other venue where concession stands are the norm? Share your food experiences, bad and good.


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