Book Review

Devoted to Quilting has been sold internationally. I’ve been meaning to share that news for several weeks and keep forgetting.

My friend Becca at Writers Roundabout, lives an ocean away from me in Australia. However, despite the distance she thought her mother might enjoy the book. Becca’s mom,  Stephanie had recently begun quilting. My book seemed a perfect fit to daughter Becca.

When the book first arrived Stephanie wasn’t as sure as Becca. Until she read it. In fact, upon opening it she was a little disappointed. The book didn’t appear to be what she was expecting. Still, she gave the book, and me, a chance. She  began reading.

Her thoughts and review can be found here. I won’t try to summarize, she did a good job expressing her feelings, and why. You’ll enjoy reading her words, take a few minutes to see what she had to say. Her thoughts and a review can be found, here.

I’m working on a review, or testimonial page for this blog. However, most of the comments I’m putting there are short three or four sentence remarks. Stephanie went to all the trouble to write a whole review, so I’m posting a link to her review and blog.

Enjoy meeting Stephanie and reading her writing. If I ever get to Australia, I’m looking her up. Thanks Stephanie.


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