February Signings

I’ve spent most of February either at book signings or booking book signings. Check out the “Appearances” page for an update of where I will be and when. March will be a little slower than February as I will be spending time with my grandchildren.

Oklahoma has Spring Break the third week of the month.  A perfect time to spend with three of  grandchildren. My Denver grandkids will be out of school the next week for Spring Break. Which means I will be in Denver with them.

The signings in February were nice. First there were my quilt groups. The Stuart Quilters, in Stuart OK, and the Allen Quilt Guild in Allen Oklahoma. True, I didn’t sell any books at those meetings. However, all those ladies already own the book, they bought it weeks ago. Still, spending time with those ladies is educational, uplifting, and just plain fun.  Plus, there’s no pressure, they’ve already bought the book so I don’t have to try to sell it.

Steve’s Books and Magazines at 2612 S. Harvard in Tulsa was super.  The staff did an outstanding job of displaying my books and having a nice place for me and the customers to sit and chat while I signed books. She’d even sold a few books prior to my arrival that needed to be signed. Score.

Tulsa’s feathered writers extraordinaire, Peggy Fielding, and Jackie King stopped by and purchased a book. Thanks for the support ladies. Many people may know Peggy as the warden, the general, or Miss Poopoo. She is all that and more, she is one great writing teacher.  She and Jackie write what they call “Foxy Hen Books”. Their first one was “Chick Lit for Foxy Hens” with a couple of other writers. The other writers have gone on to other interests but Peggy and Jackie continue with the Foxy Hen books, often inviting other writers to join them. In their most recent book western writer, Dusty Richards joined the fray, writing a story for them.

Friends, Carla Stewart, Tulsa NightWriter President and Gloria Teague, Tulsa NightWriter Newsletter editor also stopped by. All in all is was a good experience and a lot of fun.

Later in the month I visited St. Stephens United Methodist Church in Broken Arrow Oklahama.  Those gathered for their morning devotion, exercise and ministry project, were warm and welcoming. I enjoyed reading and visiting with them.  They were eager to hear me and to purchase copies of the book. Thanks to Stan Stanley for setting that up for me.

Finally I had a book signing at The Frugal Bookworm, 5920 S. Lewis, Tulsa OK. While we didn’t have a great turnout, the staff did their best. She’d advertised in both the store newsletter and a local newspaper.  She had, and still has, my sign in the store reminding people of the signing. Still, it was a good experience, I did sell a few books. Plus, I found a fantastic independently owned used book store.  She does carry some new books, and if  you’re looking for a local author, she supports us and has books from several local authors on a special display shelf.

February was a good month. March will probably be more of the same, especially considering I’ll be out of the selling market for two weeks having fun with the grandkids.


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