Quilters TV

As I mentioned in an earlier post the nice people had quilterstv.com filmed and posted an interview with me. Which you can see here.

Today though I want to talk about quilterstv.com in general. I’d never heard of the site, or program until the Quilt show. They are a great company, supporting and promoting quilters of all types.

They attend large quilt shows, like the Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show, and Houston Quilt Market looking for new ideas and products to share with the quilting world.  They give local quilters a chance to brag about their group or just say “hi” to their fellow quilters who didn’t make the show. Not only does this make the quilters feel good, but it’s good advertising for their club.

The program also has taped ‘classes’ by renowned quilt teachers. Elenor Burns, Billie Launder, Alex Anderson, to name a few. This enables those of us who don’t live near these quilt gurus to benefit from their knowledge.

These short ‘classes’ not only allow quilters from every location to benefit from the expertise of these experts. It also gives us a chance to experiment and “attend” a class we might not otherwise choose to explore even if the opportunity becomes available. I now know if Billie Lauder is in OKC or Tulsa, and everything else lines up I will spend the time and expense to experience her class in real life, real time.

On the other hand, I know there are some teachers whose programs I won’t be attending. Not because they’re bad instructors, but  because their particular expertise is not in an area I’m interested in pursuing. QuiltersTV allows me to learn this which makes my quilting education dollar more valuable because I will be spending it on classes I know will offer me the most benefit.


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