Interview up at QuiltersTv

Last month while at the Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show selling and signing books I was interviewed by Cindy Walter of Quilters Tv.

Cindy is a quilter herself, and they have a video of her booth on the website also, it’s worth checking out. She is a superb interviewer and did a great job. Robert. the camera operator  knew how to get the most flattering shots of me, not an easy task. The were great, and made the experience almost enjoyable.  Whoever did the editing also was great. They got great pictures of the book onscreen.

Because of the sheer number of booths, and interviews Cindy did it took a little time to get the interview online. It can now be seen at

My video probably won’t be the first one up, you’ll have to click on “browse videos” and scroll down to mine, “interview with author Nita Beshear”. Currently the first video up is, Needles and Notions, a video of the cool sit-down long-arm sewing machine I wrote about a few days ago. Connie, the lady in the interview is one of the sweet ladies I hung out with while offering my book. As they add new videos to the queue videos change location.  However, by clicking on “browse” videos you can fast track to the ‘show’ of your choice.

If my interview doesn’t show up in the available line-up it’s in a different collection. Simply close the window listing current videos and click on ‘news’ on the right hand side. You’ll find it in a box of ‘Channels.”

When the new collection comes up, click on ‘browse’ again to get to my interview.  Take time to check out some of the other ‘shows’ they are both interesting and informative. My favorite so far are the ones done by quilt teacher Billie Lauder. You may find another favorite.

Hope you enjoy my interview, have fun checking out all the others. Thanks to Sue Ann Taylor, Cindy Walter, Robert, and the rest of the staff of


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