Blind Quilter

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I met a variety of people and saw numerous idea and techniques.  I will be introducing you to some of those people and ideas however, today I want to tell you about another woman I met online, The Amazing Quilter.

Diane Rose is truly an amazing quilter as she is totally blind, yet sews beautiful quilts.  She has links on her website to two interviews she’s done recently. One with Bob Phillips, the “Texas Country Reporter” on RFD-TV and another with newschannel 5 in Tennessee. She has links to both these interviews on her website.

I first heard of Diane from her cousin as we were having the oil in our cars changed.  I mentioned my book to the two ladies in the waiting area. One suggested I contact her she thought because of my book, Devoted to Quilting, I’d be interested in her cousin. She was more right than she knew.

Not only was I excited to “meet” another quilter, but one who was blind.  I mention my cousin Annie in the book in the story, “Following her Heart” and I often tell people of my cousin who is blind and sews.  Usually they look at me as though I’m nuts. But now that I’ve “met” Diane Rose, I can simply point people to her website as proof lack of sight is no reason to not sew, or follow your dreams.  Diane Rose, The Amazing Quilter, is proof we can all overcome the obstacles in our lives to reach  for the sky.

In one of the interviews Diane mentions that blindness is not a handicap but an inconvenience. An attitude that Annie shares.  In fact Annie sometimes maintained I was the handicapped one, because I was “light dependent”.

Both of these women are truly inspirational and encouraging. So whether you want to sew a quilt, paint a picture, build a structure, or write a book, find a way to get around the road blocks and follow your dreams.

It was nice meeting Diane Rose online, I hope to meet her in person when she returns to Oklahoma to visit her family.


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