The Sit Down Long Arm

Turning Twenty Quilt

Turning Twenty Quilt

One of my favorite places to do book signings is at quilt stores and venues. While my book, Devoted to Quilting can be enjoyed by anyone, quilters are especially drawn to it.  The problem with doing a signing in a quilt store is that I find all sorts of goodies.  Sometimes I  succumb to the need to purchase that new fabulous fabric not seen anywhere else or a pattern booklet that is irresistible.  The quilt shown above is one I made for one of my grandsons, using a booklet I couldn’t resist at a quilt show.

It’s called a Turning Twenty Quilt, because the designer, Tricia Cribbs figured out a way to cut and sew 20 fat quarters into a quilt with very little waste.  The booklet I used showed four variations of the quilt, for more variety check out one of her other booklets. She currently has six Turning Twenty booklets. The fabric was purchased at a store sponsoring a signing. Stores and shows have more than books and fabrics,  they have fantastic tools. Including what they bill as, must-have sewing machines.

At the Oklahoma Winter Quilt show I fell in love with a sit-down long arm quilting machine. The machine and it’s table are much smaller than the traditional standup long arm machine and frame measuring only four foot by five foot. Although my little house is so small, and already bulging with furniture and must-haves I don’t know where I’d put that machine. I thought very hard on it though.

Connie on the long arm

Connie sewing on the long arm

The other deterrent, for me was the price. Although reasonably priced at just under $4000, that is a still out of my price range.

Although, had I sold enough books to justify the purchase of this fantastic machine I would have given serious thought to buying it. Still, where would I put it? That continues to be a delimena, one I’m working on however.

It was great fun to watch Connie demonstrate the machine throughout the weekend.  Watching show attendees was more compelling though. Women of every quilting level sat down and tried out the machine. All of them loved it, and all thought they’d be able to manage the stitch length after a little practice.

I’m looking forward to my next book signing to check out all the new items that store will have on hand.


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