Meet Darcy Ashton

Today I want to introduce you to Darcy Ashton of Ashton Publications.  Darcy is a quilter, artist, and author.  She designs,  and sews quilts and writes instructions for the quilts. She then photographs the finished quilts, to add to her words creating quilt design books.

Darcy, like many quilters is full of support for others, and super nice. Since she sells most of her books wholesale to quilt and fabric stores, she didn’t have a booth at the Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show. However, she was there all three days, visiting with vendors selling her book, signing copies of her books for the vendors.

She took time out from walking the show floor checking on her books to visit with me, offer her encouragement, and helped me brainstorm for more selling ideas for my book, Devoted to Quilting.

In addition to her website, Darcy keeps a blog, appropriately called Darcy’s Blog.  Darcy’s newest project,  Horsing Around, is shown on her blog. I may have to buy that pattern book when it becomes available!

While I wasn’t quick enough to think and take a picture of Darcy, she did stop while someone was signing up for the free quilt and took a quick photo of me.

Thanks Darcy.


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