Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show

Oklahoma weather has struck again. While it’s only Friday, and reports are the weather will begin to clear over the weekend, right now it’s very wintery.  Most of Oklahoma is under icy, snowy conditions. Not good traveling weather.

Last weekend however was perfect traveling weather. Although Saturday was rainy and cold, it was a perfect time to visit a quilt show.  Which was where I spent last weekend, in Oklahoma city at the Okolahoma Winter Quilt Show with a small stand selling my book, Devoted to Quilting.

I had a great time, learned so much, and met many nice people. Over the next few posts I’ll introduce you to some of those nice people I met. Most quilt show have an interesting array of quilts to view, vendors to visit, and people to meet. Over the next few posts I’ll introduce you to some of the great people I met while at the quilt show.

First a big thank you to Pam Gosnell and Creative Sewing Centers of Edmond and Moore.  They generously allowed me to share their space at the quilt show to market my book. They are a fun group to be around, and I loved my time with them.

If you are interested in quilting, embroidery, or sewing of any type these ladies can help. Thanks Pam, Rhonda, Connie for making the experience a fun one even with the slow book sales.


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