Quilt Weather Warms Sales

Here in Oklahoma a blizzard hit just before Christmas and the cold has lingered into the new year. According to one of the news stations this is the coldest Oklahoma has been in 20 years. Now I know it’s colder with more snow (luckily the snow and ice didn’t last) in other parts of the country, and you have my sympathies, really you do. However, with most of the US under this cold weather siege, I suspect more people are pulling their quilts out of trunks, closets, and other storage areas to be used for bundling and warmth.

Unfortunately the cold has slowed my promotion of the book. While I’ve continued my online promotions, going out to books signings, or scheduling future book signings had significantly slowed. But that is beginning to change. A book signing scheduled for today was canceled. The cold kept me from driving to Tulsa to deliver some early books, and a sign so we’ve postponed that signing until next month. I’ll let you know when.

Also, received a very nice letter from Mike, at Borders Books in Norman OK.  It took a couple of emails to find a day good for both of us, but we did and I’ll be there Feb. 20.  Press releases are written and hopefully will go out today to several towns where either I’ve lived, or I have family living there.

My online promotions are working though. According to my publisher’s website AWOC Books, Devoted to Quilting is currently number 4 on his best seller list. It’s not the NY Times best seller list, be we have to start somewhere, and the publisher’s list is a good start.


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