December Book Signings Slow

I had a couple of book signings for December.  On December 16, Stuart School sponsored a book signing and reception for me.

R egina Mabray, English teacher and librarian arranged the signing. RefreshmentsShe did a nice job of advertising the signing, supplying refreshments and arranging the room. She had a nice place for visitors to sit and visit near the table filled with my books. Thanks Mrs. Mabray for a job well done. Your hard work is much appreciated. Here’s a picture of some of the refreshment.

While the signing wasn’t as well attended as Mrs. Mabray and I hoped it was fun visiting with those who did brave the cold to visit and purchase a book. Possibly we had  our expectations set too high since the attendance was about average for most of my signings to date.

Not to mention it far exceeded the next book signing the following Saturday.

Full Circle bookstore in Oklahoma City reguarly sponsors books signings for Oklahoma authors.  I’m sure they would welcome authors from other states, however they work at promoting local authors.

The day was cold, and near the end of time for Christmas shopping, in fact it was the last weekend before Christmas.  While people did wander in and visit with the authors, there were 10 of us there, very little book purchasing was happening. Although I didn’t sell any books, I had a nice time visiting with other authors, including Deborah Bouziden.

The day ended on a good note as I spent the night in the city with my sister and niece, always a good time.

In addition to the Christmas holiday, Oklahoma was hit by blizzard conditions so travel has been slowed.  Good thing I don’t have any signings scheduled until after the first of the year. Hopefully, all the icey stuff will be gone when I once again hit the road to promote the book.

The first signing will be at the Frugal Bookworm in Tulsa on January 9. Hope to see you there.


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