Welcome to My World

Welcome to my world. A world of organized chaos, writing, animals, and traveling.

Don’t ask my children about my organized chaos, they are of the opinion my life is total chaos and there’s no organization to it. They are wrong. Although at the moment I’m beginning to almost agree with them. Almost.

This is my writing in general blog. Although since I recently published my first book most of what you read will be devoted to my book,   DEVOTED TO QUILTING. However, don’t be surprised to find bits and pieces about my other writing adventures.

My animals at the moment include two dogs, one cat and eight chickens. That particular assortment is subject to change at any moment.

My traveling involves going from here to there and back again. Sometimes to visit, family or friends, sometimes for shopping, and sometimes just because.  Son 1A once said I didn’t need a house, I needed a parking place because I was always on the go and in the car.  I don’t travel THAT much, but I am on the go quite often.

Basically, there’s no telling what you will find on these pages. Hopefully it will be  entertaining, as well as enlightening.




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